Palo Alto Initial Configuration

In this video we walk through the initial power on and configuration of a Palo Alto firewall. We configure the management interface from the command line and then connect to the web interface. Inside the web interface, we review how to change the IP, gateway, and DNS settings.

Palo Alto Command Line Interface (CLI)

  • Default login is admin/admin
    • My labs use admin/Password01
  • Utilizes tab-completion and context sensitive help
  • To set the Management interface IP address
    • Enter configuration mode: configure
    • Disable DHCP: set deviceconfig system type static
    • Set IP address: set deviceconfig system ip-address netmask
    • Commit changes: commit

Confirm Management IP configuration

  • From the CLI, type ping host
    • Confirms IP address and routing is working
  • Type ping host
    • Confirms DNS is working

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