Palo Alto Initial Configuration
Introduction to Firewalls
Shower Curtain Painting
How to complete the Packet Tracer Skills Assessments
Creating your first Linux scripts
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  • Palo Alto Initial ConfigurationPalo Alto Initial Configuration
    In this video we walk through the initial power on and configuration of a Palo Alto firewall. We configure the management interface from the command line and then connect to the web interface. Inside […]
  • Introduction to Firewalls
    An introduction to firewalls, what they are for, and how they work. We include an overview of the 5-Tuples used in firewalls and how they are evaluated by a network device. Finally, we walk through […]
  • Shower Curtain Painting
    In this video I take a custom printed shower curtain from Amazon and build it into a large custom printed painting. Total cost: $40This project is based on a Reddit post by user u/power-cube at […]
  • How to complete the Packet Tracer Skills Assessments
    A brief walk-through showing how to properly open and launch the Packet Tracer skills assessments and the necessary software needed https://youtu.be/Vt0Rz_D2zGk […]
  • Creating your first Linux scripts
    In this video, we will create several simple Linux scripts. While simple, these scripts highlight how to automate many of the tasks you may have for your environment. HelloWorld.sh The first script, […]