Our first outing

Yesterday was our first outing here in La Ceiba, we went to Pico Bonito national park. It started out as a great adventure. We walked through one of the Dole pineapple plantations to get to the mountain, I ave never seen so much pineapple before.
We stared hiking up the mountain and saw a couple of waterfalls. At the second one, Jana was brave enough to jump in and go swimming. She says it was cold, but at least she is braver than me.
We relaxed by the water and ate some food and then it started raining. After it had been raining to a while, it started really raining. Before long it stopped, then started up again. We figured it wasn’t going to stop so we started walking back. We made it to the bottom completely soaked and covered in mud. I took my shirt off and had to wring out all the rain.

So, my lifelong (week-long) dream of seeing monkeys in the wild has gone without fulfillment. But it was still a fun trip and we saw lots of stuff while there

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