HTTP redirect in IIS6

When you install a web app, it often times installs to a virtual directory, which means that instead of browsing to http://server, you have to browse to http://server/app. It used to be that I would simply setup a META redirect in the default.html page to redirect the browser, I learned today that isnt the optimal method, nor does it always work.
As I was setting up a redirect for a site, I found that some browsers worked and some didnt. Also, the security settings appear to impact the types of redirections (relative or absolute) that are allowed. A little googling and I found This is for IIS5/6, and it is a little easier in IIS7.

Gratuitously copied and pasted below in case the content gets retired.

How do I redirect the default web site to /exchange ?

1. Log onto the OWA server
2. Open the IIS Manager
3. Open the properties for the default web site
4. Under the Home Directory Tab, do the following
a) Choose redirection to a url
b) Type /exchange in the text box
c) Check the “directory under this one” radio button
5. Click “apply”, “OK”, and exit the IIS manager.
6. Test the changes by opening a web browser, and connecting to the www root folder.  It should now take you directly to the Exchange Logon screen.

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