Configuring syslog in ESX

It happens every time – an error occurs in VMware, and causes a lot of VMotions. By the time you get the logs off the ESX host, they have rolled off and are no longer valid.

To combat this, we setup a syslog server for all our ESX hosts to report into. To configure the hosts, you either configure each system manually, or you can use the Set-vmHostSyslogServer powershell command. The following command will set all ESX hosts in your datacenter to report to the same syslog server.
get-datacenter “My Datacenter” | get-vmhost | set-vmhostsyslogserver -syslogserver
When your done, use the following command to confirm everything is configured correctly.
get-datacenter “My Datacenter” | get-vmhost | get-vmhostsyslogserver

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