Migrating live VMs across multiple states?

Last year at EMCWorld, they unveiled the EMC VPlex – a way of having active-active datacenters and being able to synchronize data between them in such a way that you could run virtual workloads between them. The even demo’d migrating between SANs that were theoretically in different datacenters. This was a great idea, but my DR datacenter is several states away, well beyond the required latency parameters.
Today they announced a beta customer using the VPlex GEO, enabling them to run datacenters in Pittsburg and Dallas, and still use the VPlex functionality. This could allow us to put small datacenters, geographically dispersed, and capable of migrating data and workloads between them. This could allow a 24×7 line of business application to follow-the-sun, without major downtime or customization.

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